Fairview Great House & Botanical Garden

Enjoy a guided walk around the great house which is believed to have been initially built in 1701 by the French. This Great House has had many owners and inhabitants over the years, each leaving their mark and contributing to the unique history of the property.

The inhabitants that have been recorded to reside at this site include the senior officer of the colonial French military in St. Kitts, as well as American John Gardiner and Lawyer James Stephen. The rich history of the site and the island is well displayed with its superbly furnished historical information room that brings to life the 1700s – 1800s with true impressions of what life was like on an Estate in St. Kitts during that era.

Then stimulate your senses as you stroll leisurely through the tropical Botanical Garden filled with flowers, trees and shrubs with signposts providing interesting information about the plants in this tropical oasis.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the monkeys venturing through the property to fill their bellies from the multitude of fruit trees on the property. Feel free to take a refreshing dip in our swimming pool or enjoy sun bathing on our pool deck.